Our Purpose

A Community Oriented Veterinary Practice that Partners with our Clients to Provide Individualized and Innovative Care for our Patients.

Our Niche

We are a country practice and want to provide veterinary services to all of the animals our clients raise including small domestic animals as well as most farm animals.

Who We Are

At Audubon Veterinary Hospital, located in St. Francisville, Louisiana, we combine our basic love of animals with quality veterinary care. We practice in a semi-rural area and provide veterinary services to all the animals our clients raise including small domestic animals as well as most farm and 4-H animals. We are a progressive practice that recognizes the need to keep up with today’s technology in order to offer our best service. We know integration and communication with rapid access to information are key in today’s world of veterinary medicine. However, we also understand too much technology takes
away from the compassion with which we practice so we will always put a personal touch first. We understand that our patients are our clients’ family members and that they deserve individualized care to fit their specific needs. Thanks to our integration capabilities we can create individualized wellness plans tailored to each patient. It is our goal to only be second to our clients when providing loving care for their pets, to know all our clients personally, and all our patients by name.

Our Core Values

Team Players

We are team players with positive, friendly, attitudestowardsd our clients, coworkers, and patients.


We have clear communicators even when issuesare complex both on the phone and face to face.


We have passion and love for our work both on the clock and off – it is NOT “just a job”.

Open Minded

We are open minded and willing to grow and learn in order to continually improve the care we provide.

Calm & Patient

We exhibit calm and patience when dealing with intense or difficult situations.

Chat With An Expert.

(225) 635-6611

Meet Our Doctors

Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth Morgan


Annie Bickham Graves

Annie Bickham Graves


Emily Carlson

Emily Carlson


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