Audubon Veterinary Hospital

offers facilities to safely and comfortably board your pets. Boarding is a great option when you are on vacation, have home repairs taking place or even have an unexpected medical emergency that requires you to be away from your beloved animal companion. Your pet will be under the care of our veterinarians in case a medical issue arises and any health concerns you may have for your pet can be addressed during their stay with Audubon Veterinary Hospital.

Cat & Dog Boarding

Our cat and dog facilities are separate. We feel cats not being closely housed to dogs greatly improves their comfort during their stay. Our cat condos are multi-level, so they provide a shelf area for your cat to enjoy a raised platform to perch and sleep. We also have the capability to open multiple condos that attach so sibling cats from a household can stay in comfort together.

Our dog kennel is climate controlled and designed to prevent pets encountering one another. We feel this ensures their safety and greatly reduces the risk of any disease transfer.

Our pens and runs range in size up to 6’×4’ foot runs. In addition to the spacious individual runs, each dog is allowed outside time in our large outdoor exercise areas multiple times per day. Pets are allowed to have their own bedding/food or toys to keep their stay as stress free as possible. However, we will remove these items if the dog begins to destroy them, and they become a health or safety risk to your pet.

We pride ourselves on the comfort and cleanliness of our facilities, and welcome clients to view them prior to making boarding reservations. If you choose to evaluate our facilities, please contact us. We will set up a time that one of our loving attendants can commit their attention to you, show you around, and address any questions you may have.

Space goes quickly, especially in the summer and during holiday season, so schedule your pet’s staycation early! We require all pets to be parasite-free and up to date on vaccinations and recommend the vaccinations be administered at least 2 weeks prior to their stay.

Call to schedule your pet’s appointment today!

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