In Clinic Diagnostics

In Clinic Diagnostics

Audubon Veterinary Hospital has an extensive in-house laboratory.  Our veterinarians are equipped with the tools to perform blood and serum chemistry evaluations as well as urinalysis, and urine sediment viewing capabilities.  These instruments allow us to screen for many disease processes on site.  These instruments are critical in treatment of acute disease as well as monitoring chronic disease and treatment progress

Rapid Tests

We also utilize rapid tests for specific diseases such as Heartworm and Tick Born Disease in dogs, Leukemia and Immunodeficiency Virus and Heartworm in Cats, Pancreatitis, Parvovirus, and other common disease processes. 

These tests are crucial in early detection of disease such as Heartworm in dogs before they can progress to a potentially lethal level in your pet.

Microscopic Laboratory Evaluation

We run in house fecal parasite screening for both large and small animals as well as microscopic stained cytologies and fine needle mass aspirates.

Outside Laboratory Integration

Our computer integration with outside laboratories such as Idexx Laboratories also provides countless further diagnostic capabilities.

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