Equine Dental Care

Equine Dental Care

Routine dental care is very important for your horse’s overall health.   Because horse’s teeth grow continually throughout their lives, they can develop unique issues in their mouths.  Their teeth are intended to match perfectly top to bottom so that as they wear down during chewing, they will wear smoothly and evenly.   Unfortunately, if a horse’s teeth do not match perfectly, they will wear unevenly and create points and rough edges on their teeth.   These points and sharp edges can be very painful and cause a horse to be unable to chew their food properly and resist a bit in their mouths.   Our veterinarians recommend your horse have a dental exam each year to identify or prevent these problems. In most cases, dental floating can be performed yearly and correct or prevent such troubles. Sometimes, in more severe cases of dental malocclusions, or in geriatric horses, dental floating may be needed more frequently.

How to Prevent?

Having your horse’s mouth examined yearly and addressing any evidence of possible issues developing is the best way to prevent oral pain for your horse.  Addressing other issues such as cribbing or excessive wood chewing will also help keep your horse’s teeth in better condition.  At Audubon Veterinary Hospital we will consult with you on each of these concerns and help you develop the best oral health plan for your horse.

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