Mare Artificial  Insemination Program

Mare Artificial Insemination Program

We at Audubon Veterinary Hospital love seeing the product of our Mare Artificial Insemination Program.

What Are The Advantages?

We believe the highest chance for successful horse breeding is through live cover of a mare by a stallion. However, many factors frequently prevent natural breeding so artificial insemination becomes the next best thing.  Proper examination of the mare’s reproductive tract to ensure a healthy environment to support a healthy foal should be performed prior to considering artificial insemination.  Once the mare’s uterus is determined to be healthy, we at Audubon Veterinary Hospital use ultrasound imaging of the mare’s ovaries to carefully track the mare’s estrous cycle.  With the intricate timing of her ovulation, we inseminate the mare with fresh cooled stallion semen.  This process takes very careful orchestration of both the shipment of the semen and its implantation in the mare.

Follow-up evaluation of the mare to determine success of breeding and proper hormone production by the mare improves the likelihood of the birth of a beautiful healthy foal.  There are vaccines that the mare should also receive during pregnancy and just prior to foaling that we will assist you in timing appropriately.

We will consult with you on when and what to expect at the time of birth and support you in providing ideal care for the newborn foal to ensure a healthy outcome of your mare’s breeding.

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